YouTube bigger than Yahoo!

Jan. 21, 2009 | by Gregory Lyons

At the end of last year Comscore released some fascinating statistics stating that YouTube generates 2.7 Billion monthly searches in the US, which, if it were a standalone search engine would make it bigger then Yahoo! and second only to Google itself.

YouTube continues to be a standout contributor for Google generating 2.73bn searches in the U.S., up 8.5% from 2.52bn last month and up 114% from 1.28bn in November 2007. YouTube currently represents 25.4% of U.S. Google site searches compared with 17.4% in November 2007 and is larger than all of Yahoo based on total U.S. queries in November.”  Christa Quarles, Analyst – Thomas Weisel Partners

Reading this reminded me of a piece over at webmetrics guru about how many young people use Youtube as their sole internet destination and do all their search and browsing via Youtube.  They don’t Google for information, they Youtube it!

“….. he mentioned that his son accesses the web through YouTube. At first, I didn’t get it and thought Ian was making a joke. But then I realized he was not. Whenever his son needed any information, he would open up YouTube, type in the search term and then just watch the videos that showed up as matches. He never Googled anything; he never went to any other site; his entire web experience was confined to YouTube videos. It was rather puzzling.” Alex Iskold- Read Write Web

This trend is only likely to continue as broadband speeds increase and those young people grow up and represent a larger proportion of the internet population.  Currently text and hyperlinks rule the web because they’re easy for computers to understand, while video and audio are more difficult to interpret, but this won’t always be the case.  A popular phrase these days is ‘online engagement’, trying to engage users with your site, well video does much better job of that then plain text!

With Google introducing video into its standard search results and Youtube taking second place in the search race it’s difficult to argue with the facts.  Video is growing in importance and if you want to remain relevant you better start planning your video strategy.

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    • Holly Powell

      i won't be surprised if YouTube is becoming popular and could leave Yahoo behind its back. Videos are in nowadays and search engine loves video content. Youtube is a fascinating website and you can do so much in that  site.Jan 22, 2009 09:16 am

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