Yahoo Releases a ‘Search Browser’

May. 30, 2012 | by Gipi.Gopinath

Joining the browser battle, Yahoo has unveiled a new search tool called Axis that will offer users an improved way of searching the web on a desktop browser, smart phone or tablet.

Search Browser Axis

Yahoo Axis alters the browser to display search results in a more visual format without the user having to leave the current page.

Any device that is running Axis can display search results as thumbnail images that can be scrolled above a website. Users can also link devices so if they started a search on their iPhone they can pick up where they left off on their iPad or PC. There is also an option to have a personalised home screen with quick image links to your favourite websites.

“By supercharging the browser with a visually rich search experience and seamlessly connecting that experience across all of your devices, we are delivering an experience that will change the game,” wrote Ethan Batraski, a Director of product management at Yahoo.

A couple of weeks ago, Bing released an update to their browser, listing search results in three columns, including one devoted to personalized recommendations pulled from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking services.

Last week, Google unveiled a new search feature called a “Knowledge Graph” that displays additional factual information about the topic you were searching like biographical data about celebrities and historical figures, tour dates for artists, information about books, works of art, buildings, animals etc. as well as a list of related topics.

With Axis being more visual there could be a possibility that the other browsers try to roll out changes to match or improve. Currently there are no paid ads on Axis but as popularity picks up this is likely to be the next update.

Could this be a comeback from Yahoo ?

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    • Matthew Graczyk

      Yahoo!'s new Axis browser is one of the most innovative evolutions in the browser market. It isn't a contender for the desktop market but shines in iOS, where the Axis app is faster/better than Safari for iPhones and iPads. It's bookmarking functionality doesn't compare to but a valiant effort!May 31, 2012 06:35 am

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