How advertisers can profit from the Yahoo and Microsoft search alliance

Apr. 17, 2012 | by kathleen.lyons

For those of you that are not familiar with the Search Alliance, it is an initiative that Yahoo! and Microsoft are taking to create a competitive choice for both advertisers and users in the marketplace.

Essentially, paid search results on Yahoo! are now going to be powered by Microsoft.  This means that our current Yahoo! accounts will cease to exist once the transition is complete.  The accounts that we have set up in BING will supply the search results in Yahoo!

To prepare for this transition, I have created suggestions and tips on how to make sure you safe guard your accounts from experiencing negative effects from the search alliance.

Actions that need to be taken before and during the transition of your accounts:

  1. Advertisers should make sure that their clients know what the search alliance is. Make sure to communicate possible changes in the accounts before the transition occurs.
  2. Yahoo representatives will now be managing the BING Accounts.  If you do not have a BING account set up in adCenter, get this account established and open an IO with your Yahoo representative.  Make sure that you discuss any discounts that you previously had with BING.  You will not be receiving the same discount after the alliance and you will need to start a dialogue with your representatives about what changes you should expect.
  3. Have your Yahoo! representative perform a gap analysis between your Yahoo! and BING accounts and use this analysis to add keywords into your BING account. It might be good to mirror over your best performing Google accounts into MSN before the alliance so that you capture any traffic that could be lost.
  4. Think about the possibilities of beginning or re-engaging SEO efforts in MSN and Google to counter any negative effects on traffic and performance.
  5. As the transition occurs, increase your adCenter budgets.  Your Yahoo! and BING accounts will now be serving from one account, so you will need to allocate what you would be spending previously in Yahoo! and BING to your BING budgets.
  6. Download the new version of the Desktop tool (8.3)
  7. Continue to monitor your accounts for the changes that occur after the alliance and communicate the changes and trends that you are seeing to your account manager at Yahoo! and to your internal team.
  8. Use search query reports (found on the reports tab in the engine) before and after migration.

Because this alliance has already occurred in North America, Yahoo! and BING have released the following results from the transition:

  • CPCs spiked initially and click volume had varying results (high spikes vs. drops depending on clients).
  • Since the transition, Profitability is increasing in MSN (decreases in CPA and increases in ROI).
  • ROI & Revenue per click has increased steadily quarter by quarter
  • Advertisers have started to see better results when compared with YHH and MSN’s individual performance before the alliance.  It is important to work closely with the account managers to understand the trends that you are seeing.

The main thing to keep in mind is that this alliance is meant to provide a competitive environment for advertisers, and as a result we should be prepared.  Follow the suggestions to prepare your accounts and monitor changes throughout the transition to ensure that your accounts will experience minimal negative effects.

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      Bing’s ad centre allows you to import your ads from both Yahoo and Google PPC campaigns to Bing. This brilliant functionality relieves you of having to create the same ads and campaigns all over again.
      As published in “Forbes” Bing’s search market share in January/2012 was 15.2%.
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      Bing and Yahoo have a 40-character limit as opposed to 25 characters offered by Google . Imagine how you can use the extra 15 characters to better define your product or service and convince the users to click on your ads and visit your website.May 23, 2012 10:01 am

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