Top 10 reasons why you need a solid mobile strategy in place

Apr. 24, 2012 | by Gregory Lyons

Mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets continue to grow in importance at a rapid pace. Below we’ve look at 10 statistics that show how quickly mobile is growing and why it’s important for you to have a solid mobile strategy in place right now.

1. 15% of UK search happens on a mobile device, 3 years ago that figure was down at 2%

In Nov 2011 15% of UK Christmas related search happened on a mobile device and this figure is growing rapidly. In countries with less developed network infrastructure that figure is even higher, for example in India 40% of search happens on a mobile device. If you don’t have mobile strategy in place you’re potentially missing out on 15% of the search market in the UK.

2. Mobile accounts for 10% of ecommerce

10% of visits to ecommerce websites now come from mobile devices. According to the IAB “marketers and retailers are losing hundreds of thousands of pounds by failing to grasp the opportunities presented by mobile devices.”

3. 48% of users start their search on a mobile device and finish on a desktop – Ipsos, March 2011

If you have no mobile strategy in place you are potentially losing out on half of your audience.

4. In N America 1 in 4 payments made in a StarBucks are done using a mobile device

There’s been a lot of talk about how in the future we’ll pay for items using our mobiles. Well that future is here and happening right now, get involved.

5. Smartphones are no longer a luxury item. In N America the majority (56%) of young people on minimum wage own a smartphone.

If the majority of young people own a smartphone, then it means they are more likely to visit your site using that phone. Make sure you provide them with a good experience when they do.

6. 1 in 3 people would rather give up sex then their mobile

Speaks for itself really.

7. In the UK there are currently 17 million mobile internet users – eMarketer, April 2011

27% of your UK audience is a mobile internet user, ignore them at your peril

8. By 2015 there are expected to be 23 million mobile internet users in the UK which is more than 1/3 of the entire population – eMarketer, April 2011

With 27% of the UK population already using mobile internet and that figure rising to 37% in the next few years having a mobile strategy in place really is a no brainer.

9. In Q4 2010 there were more smartphones shipped than desktop PCs

The IDC expects mobile internet to eclipse wired internet by 2015. If more people are accessing the internet using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones then it stands to reason that you should have a strategy in place to take full advantage of that.

10. In Q4 2011 Apple sold more iPads than any individual PC maker sold PCs

Tablet PCs are rapidly increasing in popularity, so much so that for many people they are their primary computing device. Ensure that you provide a pleasant experience on a device where people are navigating using fingers rather than a mouse.

Hopefully by now you’ll agree that mobile is already here in a big way and will continue to grow at an impressive pace in the next few years. People are searching and browsing the internet in increasing numbers using mobile devices and making sure they receive a pleasant experience when they reach your site is important if you want to drive sales and increase ROI.

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