Social Rock Stardom: How Musicians and Brands Can Create Lasting Impressions Online

Feb. 25, 2013 | by Andrew.Magrini

At Social Media Week 2013, singer-songwriter Daria Musk sat with iCrossing’s Vice President of Marketing David Deal and Google+ Marketing Manager Caroline McCarthy. Together they discussed how social media vaulted Musk’s career to unbelievable heights. Musk and McCarthy spoke at length about how the experience shaped both Musk’s career as a musician and Google’s willingness to empower users.

Musk, once a struggling singer-songwriter, now broadcasts her music via Google+ Hangouts to more than 2.2 million friends in her Circles. She has developed her entire career off of social media, and has garnered endorsements from highly visible brands like Verizon Wireless and Taylor Guitars without a record deal (or even having an album recorded!).

Google has also greatly benefited from its collaboration with Musk. McCarthy said Google as a brand “can only go so far with telling their own story,” and that “empowering users to speak for themselves” can develop Google’s brand to new heights.

Whether it’s to promote new music or get a campaign off the ground, musicians and brands alike can benefit from this collaboration between Musk and Google. There are four key elements to look for in a successful social campaign:

  • A story. Be it music or branded messaging, the most fundamental component to success is having something that can captivate an audience. A story defines you and allows your audience to relate on some level.
Social media week New York

David Deal, Daria Musk, and Caroline McCarthy have a Google+ Hangout

  • A vehicle. Musk recognized the unique features of Google+ and leveraged the platform to reach her audience. In order to successfully develop and maintain an audience, decide which platforms have the features that best present the story and be consistent and creative in the delivery.
  • A core audience. Musk refers to her followers as her “G+niuses.” Lady Gaga refers to hers as “Little Monsters.” Taking the extra step and branding the core audience allows them to feel they are a part of a tight-knit community, and turns them into strong advocates for the story.
  • Willingness to experiment. In the beginning, Musk had no idea how far-reaching her music would be. Her first Hangout (which lasted 6.5 hours) was seen by people as far away as Norway and even India, a realization that later drove her to tears. Being fearless and jumping in headfirst is the only way to exceed expectations and make a lasting impression!

Musicians aren’t the only ones who can become social media rock stars. Brands can also reach stardom with their customers by taking calculated risks to deliver interesting stories on unique platforms to fans and followers who are eager to be entertained.

Andrew Magrini is a community manager at iCrossing

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