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Mar. 25, 2010 | by Magico Martinez

If you are reading this, the chance is that you will have either an iPhone or an Android. We all do. In fact, I have both, and lately I had to use them a few times to check positions and look at my analytics. I have been through a lot of apps, some better and some worse. I thought it would be quite useful to share the best ones. I am going to start with the iPhone, but expect the Android version very soon.


SEO Check (£1.19)

This one is simple but effective. Check your positions, nothing more. It gives you the possibility of tracking international SERPs and keeps a history record of your positions, which may be quite useful. It has a nice interface too.

SEO Search Ranking (£1.19)

This one is not as nice as Seo Check, but it does the job. Nothing new here, move on.seo-check


SEO Adviser (£1.19)

This app will check the basic optimisation elements and obstacles depending on the keywords you tell him to check. And I don’t really like the UI. But it does the job.

SEO Automatic (£5.99)

Another analysis app. Very simple and intuitive, in fact, a bit too simple for my taste. If you don’t want to spend £6 on this, there is a free Lite version.

SEO IT (£1.79)

Quite a clunky app that will analyse any page you introduce. It can give you a quick link report, which is nice. And it is quite useful to analyse content. However, I was really put off by the interface of this app.


Analytics App (£3.49)

Google Analytics in your iPhone. As simple as that. It has a beautiful interface and you can easily change dates and add several accounts. Recommended.

BAM Analytics (Free)

Similar to Analytics App, BAM Analytics is Google Analytics in your phone. With a slightly uglier and simpler interface, it easily lets you drill down to goal conversions. A good free alternative.

SEO Stats (Free)

A very basic app that will tell you things like Age of the page, pages indexed, links reported by Google & Yahoo, and some other stats.


SEO Post (Free)

Although it looks like a german app (in fact, it is), it also has a RSS feed in English. It pulls the most recent blog posts from the usual suspects. As a nice feature, it also plays Matt Cutts’ videos from the GWT Youtube Account. This app is not amazing, but it can do if you have some spare time on the train…


The Art of SEO (£2.99)

iPhone version of the book written by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Rand Fishkin, and Jessie C. Stricchiola. It may be a bit uncomfortable to read, but it is cheaper than the book.

That’s all from me. Please note that there are more apps out there, but I just don’t think they are good enough to be in this list. In fact, some of the above do not deserve to be in this list either. There is a need for SEO apps for iPhone, so if you are a developer, now it is the time to get your hands dirty!

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    • David Towers

      Good suggestions here. I’m amazed that there aren’t better SEO apps out there for the iPhone. Raven works well on iPad but not iPhone… I expect SEOmoz will at some point launch their tools with native support for iPhone, sooner rather than later I expect!Apr 1, 2012 03:10 pm

    • Peter Handley

      I've used most of these - and to be honest I think the standard of the SEO apps on the iPhone across the board is pretty low.

      In terms of analytics, I prefer Analytics Pro as opposed to the Analytics App, but I suspect that it might be a personal choice rather than anything else.

      I've occasionally found SEO IT fairly useful when out of the office and needing to check some things pretty quickly, but I think there are plenty of opportunities for some better SEO apps in the future.Mar 25, 2010 04:12 pm

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