What is the value of a re-tweet from Stephen Fry?

Apr. 05, 2011 | by Tamsin Hemingray

This weekend I was able to see with my own eyes just how influential Stephen Fry’s Twitter feed is. I thought it would be interesting to share the experience with our clients and other readers of Connect.

My mother is in the process of setting up a charity to raise funds to support the devastated community in the Japanese fishing village of Onagawa. She lived in Japan for many years and spent happy holidays in Onagawa. She has friends there who lost family (in fact an estimated 75% of the population perished), and when she read this blog post by football writer and non-league fan Mike Innes she decided to contact him and see if he fancied setting up a charitable fund with her.

An Onagawa Supporters blog, a Twitter feed @OnagawaSapo and a Onagawa Supporters Facebook page later, the Onagawa Supporters campaign has got off to a flying start.

On Saturday Stephen Fry tweeted about the Onagawa Supporters website and I was able to monitor the impact this had on the site traffic and on donations.

Here’s how the numbers went:

  • Number of followers for @StephenFry: 2.5million
  • Number of site visits generate by his Tweet in the first 24 hours after he tweeted: 5,000
  • Number of financial donations to the site: 20 (to the tune of around £450).

We’ll be monitoring for the longer term impact too. Onagawa Supporters continues to be a subject of discussion and retweets on Twitter three days later, which is really helping raise awareness about the campaign. For example, we’ve already had a blog post about the campaign from influential  football blog the72.com – we’re hoping for more coverge too. And the inbox for the campaign is bulging with emails from people who are wanting to find out more and offer their efforts in sponsorship and fundraising. Harder to measure this, but we are hoping that this is potentially much more valuable than the 20 donations generated immediately by Stephen’s tweet. Of course, in the final analysis what we need is cold hard cash to help people in this town try and pick up the pieces. It will be interesting to see just how valuable this re-tweet from Stephen Fry turns out to be in achieving that.

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    • Chris

      I love seeing Twitter tests and case studies, thank you for posting! Hope that, as a result of being tweeted by a trusted social media account, the site is given extra ability to rank well in organic search too!
      Apr 15, 2011 04:41 am

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