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Mar. 19, 2009 | by Philip Buxton

In marketing, a recession is a sure-fire catalyst for refocusing everyone on the necessary. The problem is that the tendency is to focus only on what is necessary right now.

It is this issue that comes to mind whenever those behaviours, technologies, techniques, and ‘channels’ that point to what will be necessary in the future come up.

Enter stage left mobile. Quite startling data analysis has emerged  suggesting that mobile web traffic in the US is one third – and possibly a half – of ‘wired’ web traffic.

How important the iPhone has been in this shift (i.e. crucial) is irrelevant for our purposes. What’s at issue is the way that – as advertisers go thoroughly back to basics – they are in danger of being left behind by their customers [again].

While budgets might be shrunk, the amount of headspace we have at our disposal remains the same. And a good proportion of that space should still be devoted to understanding the way mobile devices are being used by customers, then the value brands might deliver as they do it.

The growth of mobile as a default access point to the internet is part of our changing digital climate, and that remains indifferent to the clemency or otherwise of the prevailing weather.

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    • Ifraz Mughal

      Q. What does the Masai herdsman have ion common with the CEO of a large multinational based in London?
      A. They both carry a mobile phone

      The ubiquitous nature of this device makes it of prime importance in any networked society. Phil, you've got it spot on with this post - we really need to explore context of use of this device now to deliver useful content in the very near future.Apr 9, 2009 05:14 pm

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