Preparing for Bing’s UK Launch

Nov. 17, 2009 | by Doug Platts


Even with the Bing’s announcing it will be delaying its UK launch until Q1 2010 at the earliest it is still worth considering Bing as part of your online marketing campaign. Here are a couple of things to consider:

  • It appears visibility results in Bing differ from Google. Some websites have a great visibility in Google and not so much in Bing – other sites have the opposite. Websites that don’t have the visibility will need to address this fact, whilst websites that do have good visibility will hopefully receive a boost new year traffic boost
  • Bing’s launch will now challenge Google to be even more cutting edge, as we have started to see from the integrated twitter search
  • Bing is now using Wolfram Alpha results within its search results. Another refinement that could give a boost in market share to both these Google competitors. It will be really interesting to see how Bing applies it, because it will provide very accurate responses to technical questions, but it may take time for the results to load. Bing may need an infrastructure update similar to Google’s Caffeine update that will be launched shortly
  • Bing’s offline marketing will challenge Google to market their brand in areas that it might not feel so comfortable
  • Just like Ask have been running PPC campaigns on Google, and offline campaigns in the tube, etc, but has that helped their market share.
  • Ultimately it doesn’t matter how much you spend on marketing if your product does not deliver. Bing needs to make sure it is consistently return valuable, relevant results to confidently challenge Google – for generic and niche terms. Otherwise this will all be in vain.
  • In actual fact will Bing eat into Yahoo! and Ask’s market share instead of Googles

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    • Philip Bang

      Many thanks for that, lasted just over a cup of coffee for me to read!Feb 26, 2010 01:41 pm

    • Aaron Savage

      Looking at our own site traffic reports shows that Yahoo is being eaten up by Bing but not Google too, and we are a UK company.  The Ask and Yahoo media campaigns didn't  seem to achieve much for either in the UK, and it remains that Google seems to give users what they want.  Personally we like Bing because we are one of the companies that is featured well in searches.  That is quite pleasing given our market segment as a <a target="_blank" href="">digital marketing agency</a>. Also we have noticed that users on our site that found us using Bing searches spend a lot more time on the site and view more pages compared to our Yahoo and Google traffic.  Bing is therefore delivering us quality traffic that wants to read what we have on the site.  We will definitely continue to optimise for Bing wherever we can but Google still delivers nearly 90% of our traffic so it has to remain as our primary focus. We wrote a blog post about how Bing was shaping up for us. 18, 2009 04:26 pm

    • Gregory Lyons

      Its interesting that in the US Bing is eating away at Yahoo's market-share and not Google's, probably not the result they wanted given the deal they struck with Yahoo!Nov 17, 2009 05:16 pm

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