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Jan. 05, 2009 | by Antony Mayfield

OK, so New Year was a few days ago, but Monday 5th is when UK PLC gets back to work after the holidays. First order of the day is taking stock.

Here’s a selection of the predictions and analysis of 2009 I’ve found most interesting:

  1. The Economist’s The World in 2009: The must-read overview of the coming year in politics, business, science and technology. The predicted Corporate Crunch as a follow-up to the Credit Crunch will come as no surprise, but better to be armed with the facts…
  2. The Futurist’s Top 10 Forecasts for 2009 and Beyond: From urbanisation to nanotech, the Futurist has the big trends covered here. So, some of these may not happen in the coming year, but sometimes it is healthy to take the long view.
  3. JWT’s 10 Trends for 2009: Ad giant JWT won’t tell all about their predictions for 2009 unless you give them $250 (someone tell them about freeconomics, please) but the summary tells you most of what’s on their minds right now from “recessionary living” to the “collective conciousness”.
  4. Trendwatching.com’s Half a dozen Consumer Trends for 2009: i’ve yet to see a dull report from Trendwatching and this one’s no exception. Feedback 3.0 and Mapmania are two trends which particularly rang true for me.
  5. Web Worker Daily’s Four Disruptive Technologies for 2009: The one to watch for me is the rise of Android / Linux phones.
  6. Eric Schmidt on What’s Ahead in 2009: A video from Google’s Public Policy blog, I like this look at 2009 as it is about what *needs* to happen rather than what might happen.
  7. Mark Andersen’s tech predictions for 2009: Another video, this time from the formidable futurist Mark Andersen, CEO of Strategic News Service. Peter Day of the BBC’s World of Business also interviewed Mark about his predictions for 2009 – you may still be able to download it if you hurry to the programme’s website.

Hope you enjoy them, and feel well-armed to take on the year…

: : Bonus link: How could I leave out search guru John Battelle’s predictions for 2009?

: : : And another: Read / Write / Web’s 2009 predictions are  must-read…

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    • CharlieO

      The Economist's 'The World in 2009' is a definite must-read I agree Antony, I'm particularly fond of the visualisations of:

      - Industry forecasts - E-Commerce predicted to be bullish, but Media (particularly 'creative')  rather less so. From a 'social media' point of view I think this is an encouraging piece of news if it is backed up by simple, revenue-boosting research services:

      "Online retailing will continue to grow, but not as quickly as offline purchases based on web research"


      - Country forecasts - not such pleasant reading from a UK perspective with forecast GDP growth of -1.0%, but it's always interesting to look at yourselves compared to the rest of the world in terms of GDP per head and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) - makes you realise that although in recession we are still part of a privileged welathy global elite.

      http://www.economist.com/theworldin/forecasts/displayStory.cfm?story_id=12621592Jan 12, 2009 02:47 pm

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