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Nov. 18, 2008 | by Tim Aldiss

iCrossing staff played friday afternoon host to Creative Director Jim McNiven from local viral specialists Kerb last Friday (check out their hugely popular viral games chart here).

Kerb and iCrossing UK have had a similar past, both originating in bedrooms in flats in Brighton! Jim and UK CEO Arjo Ghosh have rubbed shoulders at various Brighton events over the year. Both companies work with some great clients – Kerb’s list including E4 and Playstation (an upcoming pitch for this project is planned to be hosted inside the gameworld of a Playstation game).

Although Kerb are reknown for the Flash based games Jim describes what they do as ‘digital engagement’. Throughout Jim’s enormously entertaining presentation he was equally insightful – he stated enormous figures for engagement, and also conversion figures that DM would be proud of!

Jim demonstrated several Flash based creatives and talked about viral as an outcome rather than a concept. He also drew analogies between a traditional media buy for display creative and hosting for Flash-based client-commissioned games, both of which have brand as well as direct data capture input.

Check out there viral games chart here, and their latest launch – Locoroco 2 – here. Jim tells me this morning that since it’s launch on Friday Locoroco 2 has already had 200 unique users on this one site.

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    • Adam Boulton

      Really like the locoroco flash are some other great physic based games/demos

      Dec 2, 2008 01:02 pm

    • Arjo Ghosh

      Thanks for coming in Jim and sorry to have missed you. From what I hear the team loved the presentation.Nov 19, 2008 10:02 am

    • jim

      hehe...  you SEO guys work fast - we just picked this article up on google already.  i really enjoyed talking with you all, it was a really interesting knowledge share.  just one point of order though...  if the game had only had 200 uniques we since Friday we'd be packing our bags right about now -  try 400k as i type thisNov 19, 2008 01:05 am

    • Chris Eden

      This really was a great session. I was suprised to see how the interactive media stats compared to the standard video in that they were sooo much higher.

      Thanks Jim, playing Locoroco now!Nov 18, 2008 03:10 pm

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