Google+ and display?

Jul. 01, 2011 | by Elizabeth.Danon

Google + has recently been launched in an attempt (so it seems) to declare war on Facebook.

If you use Google, you already have your mail, calendar, documents and photos together. Google Plus adds to this and is essentially the potential replacement for Facebook in the sense of sharing.

So what does this mean for display?

First off when you set up your account you are given the option to opt out of targeted advertising. This would suggest that Google foresee the “Plus” platform as an opportunity for the search giant to deliver targeted display advertising to users.

What will also be interesting is how this incorporates the display acquisitions of AdMeld, Invite Media and DoubleClick. Potentially they will use these platforms to deliver more scale to their “Plus” platform. The use of +1 essentially shows that people are interested in recommending things they like; this kind of environment is possibly more welcoming to targeted display advertising.

A main feature of Google Plus is that you can create “circles”, enabling you to share certain things just with friends, family or groups that you choose to set up yourself, creating niche pockets of information. Google Plus will scrape and provide the data to make the user experience niche.  Therefore, hopefully people will not opt out and receive hyper targeted ads. This then means that the data collected by Google may be more accurate and serve with a greater ability to target potential customers through advertising and possibly specifically within the circles.

iCrossing’s display team feel that Google Plus can be a real threat to Facebook but only if it is given the chance to scale in the same way Facebook has done. We know Google has reach but does Google have the confidence in this product to go toe to toe with Facebook?

If Google promotes the service prominently on their search homepage and are willing to integrate it into their wider display product offering then this has a real opportunity to be an ideal, hyper targeted platform for Google to deliver display advertising in. The key will be the speed with which they get this done – with Facebook at 700 Million users they have a long way to go. We continue to watch with interest.

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    • Mike Turnham

      I think the "opt out" option could also be a method for Google to sidestep the new Cookie law policy.

      if Google pull this off successfully and tie search and social together, cookies could be associated with a profile rather than a device. This will not only lend itself to demographic targeting but tracking across devices.Jul 1, 2011 12:44 pm

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