Google Chrome – Discovering the invisible web?

Sep. 02, 2008 | by Adam Skalak

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I would like to be wrong but I can’t help it but think that Google Chrome, a brand new web browser from Google, is just another way for Google to collect data for their index and feed more information into their organic and paid search algorithms. I am not saying it’s a bad idea, in fact I am a big fan of other (not hyperlink based) factors impacting the search results.

If an ugly, unfriendly and slow-to-load site ranks number one primarily due to a heavy link building campaign, then I would like to see that site go down in rankings based on metrics like high bounce rates or too little time spent on site. If people do not like the website, do not find it relevant and it is hard to use, then Google needs other factors to improve the ranking algorithm.

Google has been monitoring click-through rates from Search Engine Result Pages for some time now. They can see a lot of useful data from Google Analytics and Google Toolbar. The Google spider crawls billions of pages. But all these tools and applications tend to be very limited to only certain groups of more technically based users. Even the Google web spider, one of the oldest Google applications, still can’t crawl millions or billions of pages hidden behind user-controlled, rich and interactive applications.

One way to gain access to the hidden information is to develop something which would easily spread and be used by mass public. A fast and secure browser is something the public will love. So isn’t a new browser just another way to get more data into Google’s index and influence the algorithms?  Well, it’s an open source browser so I am not 100% convinced but I believe it is another step to discover more of the Invisible Web.

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