What makes a good Paid Search professional?

Jan. 17, 2011 | by Sam Fenton-Elstone

Do you go in for New Year resolutions? Is it going to be a new healthier you? Are you going to take up a new hobby? Or perhaps look for a new job? January sees many people reevaluate their lives and look to make changes. It’s no coincidence that we see job applications peak following the festive break.

I have worked in PPC for just over 4 years and have enjoyed every minute. No day is the same and the benefit of working at a company such as iCrossing allows me to work with some fantastic brands and individuals. We are always on the look out for talented individuals to join our growing paid search team so I thought I would highlight some skills that I feel are essential if you want to get ahead in PPC. This is what we look for in a Paid Search Analyst:

You must be Eagle Eyed.
The role of Paid Search Analyst (PSA) is probably the most important in the company. An analyst holds the responsibility of generating maximum ROI for our clients investment. Exemplary attention to detail is the basis for every successful PSA. You are in charge of the budget. You are responsible for the results. You need to be in control. That’s what makes it so exciting…

You must have creative solutions to problems.
PPC is more than just buying keywords. Our client’s requirements can pose difficult challenges. The ability to think outside of the box and approach problem solving from a unique perspective will give you the tools to succeed. Don’t always look to the obvious. Some of the best solutions have never been tried before.

Know the numbers.
At the end of the day; it’s results that count. And when you are spending money to make money it is essential to have a firm grasp on the numbers. Excel wizards are always welcome. If you enjoy a Pivot table like some members of the team do you will go far!

You’ll need to have a way with words.
A good Ad will speak to the customers in their own language. We build connected brands. Our campaigns need to speak our client’s customer’s language. Understand how different genders use language. How do different age groups use language? Master the nuances of PPC Ad linguistics.

Be ambitious. The sky is your limit. Be proud.
Aim to beat your targets. Aim to smash them. Look to always beat historical performance for your campaigns. Be ambitious for your clients and as an individual. Make sure you achieve all you are capable of achieving.
Be passionate about your results and don’t be afraid to shout about your successes.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a success in paid search and more importantly at iCrossing why don’t you get in touch. Contact jobs@icrossing.co.uk.

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    • Sam Fenton-Elstone

      Gail, Greg you are both absolutely right that keeping apace with current industry developments is essential to being successful. You can only find the most appropriate solutions to problems if you are aware of all the tools at you disposal.

      Steve, from a PPC perspective I would encourage you to work towards passing you Google Advertising Fundamentals exam. This will give you a solid base from which you can gain more experience. It will also demonstrate your commitment to success - a trait that is sure to impress any Recruitment Strategist!

      You can study for it here.Feb 9, 2011 02:39 pm

    • Steve


      I am determined to move into SEO and PPC. I am currently studying for a professional certificate in marketing, whilst working for a telemarketing agency as an Acting Account Manager.

      I feel my CV is strong and closely matches the skills required, but having applied for several similar positions and not being invited for interview, what tips do you have for someone who wishes to break into digital through this route?Feb 8, 2011 12:37 pm

    • Gail Kenny

      I agree with Gregory, pace is absolutely required.  More importantly, especially on client side, we look for commercially driven individuals with excellent understanding of commercial levers within their online business.   Feb 6, 2011 01:54 pm

    • Gregory Damas

      Nice post Sam. However I believe we shouldn’t omit the fact that a PSA must be also aware of the current trends/innovation of the PPC microcosm as well as being in touch on what’s being done on the SEO side.
      SEM is a fast pace industry and it’s rather easy to be left behind!Jan 17, 2011 11:18 am

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