Fashion bloggers: Dos and don’ts

Apr. 18, 2012 | by jo-ann.fortune

iCrossing’s Fashion & Retail Editor Jo-ann Fortune talks to some of the UK’s top fashion bloggers about their experiences of working with brands.

Take some tips on how to, and how not to, go about working with fashion bloggers from the writers themselves:


The best brand collaborations involve working with individuals that respect the fact that blogging is a business – actually compensating bloggers for their time, blog space and the promotional value they give to brands.” Audrey Rogers

“One of the best brand collaborations I’ve been involved in was when I was asked to dress the windows of a well-known high fashion store on Bond Street. Seeing my name on the window felt like such amazing recognition.” Carrie Harwood

“I really enjoyed a high fashion brand’s window-dressing event in Milan last season, and this season’s Lomography follow-up, and loved working with another designer brand to create my dream piece – a biker jacket with a hoodie inside.” Kristin Knox

“The more relevant information I get and the greater access to the products I have, the better the content I can produce around it.” Laetitia Wajnapel


“Some agencies are woefully behind when it comes to blogger outreach. Anyone still sending those ‘dear blogger’ emails needs a refresher course!” Jen Holmes

“It seems a lot of people who work in PR see bloggers as existing at the very bottom of the industry’s food chain. I don’t collaborate with PR representatives who see bloggers as foolish young girls who will do anything for free clothes.” Audrey Rogers

I get irritated by online marketing companies who constantly email me asking to place ‘sponsored posts’ on my site, or ‘links to their client’s website’. Some of the people I’ve dealt with have had a very bad attitude towards bloggers.” Laetitia Wajnapel

“One company wanted me to run a giveaway for them but then told me to delete my blog post because they hadn’t got official word that it could go ahead. I found this very unprofessional.” Vicki Harvey

For more insight into how fashion brands and bloggers can work together, contact for your free eBook. 

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