Facebook now bigger than Google

Mar. 16, 2010 | by Gregory Lyons

Well, not quite, but Facebook has now overtaken Google to make it the number one most visited site in the US. Back in January I suggested that Social will soon become bigger than Search and I think that this will very soon be the case.


Facebook is quickly become an absolute internet behemoth, with 175 million people logging in every day – and growing at such a rate that this stat might already be meaningless. I’m going to say that again for emphasis. 175 million people log into Facebook Every Day! That’s the equivalent of the entire populations of Croatia, Norway, Finland, Slovakia, Denmark, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Austria, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Belarus, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Romania logging in daily.

“By this summer well over half of all Internet users will likely visit Facebook each month” – techcrunch.com

Increasingly we are turning to social media, not search to get the answers we need online. Not 10 minutes ago I saw what appeared to be smoke over the Brighton skyline, did I Google search to find the answer? No. Knowing that currently Google would be unable to provide me with such real time information I turned to Twitter. A quick search for ‘#Brighton’ brought up the following as the first result:

linda_boucher: If you’re thinking of playing hooky from work to sit in the sun on #Brighton beach, forget it! Sea mist spoiling all the fun :(“

Sea mist. Luckily, Brighton wasn’t on fire. Of course Google is well aware of needing to get into the real-time space and, in particular, social media. It recently announced a project to index pages in real time, it’s attempting to take on Twitter with Google Buzz (official video or better video) and recently bought Aardvark, a social search engine that uses people to answer questions rather than algorithms and web pages. Social search engines are outside the scope of this post, but I would highly recommend you read this white paper, which explains in a very powerful way what a social search engine is and how it differs from search engines as we currently understand them (brief overview available here).

Humans are inherently social and as the internet slowly matures it adapts to the way we naturally want to behave and communicate with each other, expect it to become ever more social. If you own/work for a business and social media is not part of your online strategy you will be losing out on a significant portion of the online pie. Don’t go hungry.

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    • Steve Rowland

      I remember when that fog came over. I looked out my window and thought there must have been a fire, went onto Twitter too and discovered we were engulfed in mist...Apr 10, 2010 04:10 pm

    • Chris Eden

      Here's an interesting post on the subject that I found on the Hitwise blog...

      Why Facebook hasn’t overtaken Google in the UK (and won’t for the foreseeable future)
      In short, they mention that there are two main reasons as to why this isn't going to happen anytime soon.

      1) Social Networking is more popular in the US than the UK. FB's share of all internet visits in the US is higher.
      2) Google has a higher market share of the search market in the UK (around 90%) compared to the US (around 70%). There is a higher share by 'search' category in the UK than in the US.Mar 26, 2010 11:44 am

    • Gregory Lyons

      Google still leading the way in the UK with Facebook in second place and not looking as if it will usurp Google anytime soon.

      Mar 19, 2010 05:22 pm

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