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May. 15, 2009 | by Antony Mayfield


This week we’ve published a new e-book called How to Start Blogging: a Guide for Business Bloggers. For a condensed pick of tips, take a look at our Management Today article Ten Tips: Blogging for Business.  

Tamsin Hemingray, Matthew Neale and myself developed the e-book from training and coaching for clients and each other around how to blog. It actually has been created with a narrow focus – helping people start a blog.

The getting started bit is why we focus on things like including blogging in your daily work routine, developing effective work-flows for blogging and replacing things you would email with blog posts.


There are so many reasons that blogging is good for you (thinking space, sharing knowledge, making new connections in your network are just some of the benefits we noted in the e-book). But one that I think is important is developing personal social web literacy,that is an understanding of how the plaftorm, and wider social media work. It really is something that you need to learn, to experience and absorb, rather than be told about, briefed upon, or assume that the way you used other media, even online media. 

As social web literacy spreads throughout organisations we will start to see the real power for postive change that social media can bring. People will stop treating it as the latest new thing and start exploring the massive potential of the networks for them and their companies. 

Basically, the more people in your organisation that understand social media because they use it, because they live in the networks, the better your decisions about using the web will be. 

So when you are persuading yourself, or a senior executive in your company to try out blogging – or Twitter for that matter – start with the simple aim of learning. You’ll get a lot further than and get a lot more out of it than if you are focussed on it as a publicity channel first and foremost. 

If you read the book please do let us know what you think. We’ll do what we can to include suggestions in the next edition.

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    • Chris Eden

      There's an exclusive behind the scenes podcast featuring Antony, Matt and Tamsin here.Jun 19, 2009 12:36 pm

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