Best Buy sets its catalogue content free

Mar. 15, 2009 | by Antony Mayfield


Hot on the heels of the Guardian Media Group setting up an API and releasing vast amounts of its data into the web, US electrical retailer has announced that it is opening up an API on its catalogue information. Smart.

Jeremiah Owyang has a nice summary of some of the benefits to brands of setting up APIs for their data:

What’s in it for the developers? First of all, it’s a large mass of content and data that can populate a site –this is great for attracting users, and for SEO. It’s free to use, although there’s an affiliate option where Bestbuy can be one of the options for retail. Best Buy doesn’t force developers to be part of this affiliate program if they choose to go the eCommerce route, instead they give developers the choice –as many developers will choose multiple retail options.

I’ll caution that I’m not an SEO expert (and I’m sure m’learned colleagues will step in with thoughts and clarifications) but in the attention market stakes, this makes absolute sense. Distribution and innovation in networks are going to be accelerated by openness, no doubt.

You don’t know who will be interested in your content or the amazing ways that people might re-invent it, re-mix it, re-purpose it, until you’ve set it free.

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