#brightonSEO Twitter Infographic (April 2012)

Apr. 19, 2012 | by Kevin Ellen

#brightonSEO April 2012 - Infographic

Last week it was Friday the 13th, so according to cliché it would be sombre day involving a lot of bad luck. This time though it was a lovely sunny day… and of course the day of BrightonSEO April 2012. iCrossing was well represented, I saw quite a few colleagues there and even a few clients.

I was at BrightonSEO with a purpose, and that purpose was to tweet about the presentations to share the news, views and tips-n-tricks with those who could not attend. And so I did, furiously you could say, as I made 257 tweets that day containing the #brightonSEO hashtag. This resulted in a lot of new followers and over 73 retweets. People actually came up to me in the pub to say hello to me, having noticed this full stream of Tweets from my hand!

That is the power of Twitter and spreading the word if you really go for it. We also wanted to look further into the Tweets made by others; using the Twitter API. Due to the limitations of the Twitter API, we have only been able to harvest 1499 Tweets made that day with the hashtag #brightonSEO. This data is from the second half of the day but gives great insights into how many people were Tweeting, amount of Tweets per hour and so forth.

Many people and will blog about take-away points, summaries and more of what they have learned at BrightonSEO. We wanted to look a bit more into the Tweets and social side of it all. We even found that people were active in the pub, during Beer on the Pier. But what is the breakdown really?

#brightonSEO April 2012 - Top 10 Tweeps

And yes, I am proud to be sitting at the number 1 spot of Top Tweeters. But those are the people who made the majority of Tweets, who was the most spoken to person on Twitter? Who was the most popular? It won’t surprise you that it is the organiser Kelvin Newman (@kelvinnewman).

#brightonSEO April 2012 - Top 10 Popular Tweeps

And here is a wordcloud of what the people were tweeting about. There are no big surprises here. But it still makes a very nice cloud of the most popular words.

#brightonSEO April 2012 - Wordcloud

-Kevin Ellen is a Natural Search Analyst for iCrossing UK, based in London. He has a keen interest in Social Media and Technical Natural Search. You can follow him at Twitter @Kevin_Ellen_ and say hello to him!

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