How well is your brand performing?

Apr. 28, 2009 | by Gregory Lyons

A while ago I wrote about some research we’d conducted into non-brand natural search Click Through Rates (CTR)  in Google. Today I’m going to talk about natural search CTRs on branded search.

For many sites a large portion of their search traffic will come from branded search. If you have a strong well known brand there will likely be a lot of search on that term and you will (as the brand owner) likely rank well for this term (position one in most cases). When a user searches on a brand term they already have a particular company and/or product in mind, the search is less exploratory then a non brand search and therefore you would expect CTRs on brand terms to be higher then non brand terms, because of this the non brand CTR research we did before does not apply in this case.


Above you can see branded CTRs organised by industry.  The above are for results that ranked at position one at the time of investigation (most brand search ranks position one, if you’re not ranking first for your brand terms you need to talk to your SEO agency! ;-) ).  You can see that the entertainment industry performed particularly well, with most industries hovering between the 40-50% mark.

So what does this all mean?  You can now benchmark yourself against the rest of your industry.  For example if you’re a travel company and your brand terms achieve an average CTR of 60% you know you’re performing very well, however if you’re in finance and only get an average CTR of 30% on brand terms you know you need to either speak to your SEO team, brand department or both!

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    • Gregory Lyons

      Hi Tom,

      We inluded brand terms as well as brand terms including the most common qualifiers, for example 'abbey national online banking' but excluded URL searches so or were not included.  You should also bare in mind that this CTR is only for natural search and does not include paid search.  For the vast majority of companies surveyed they were also running paid campaigns which would canabalise some of their natural search clicks, if you combined the CTR for paid and natural the overall CTR would be much higher.May 1, 2009 09:30 am

    • Tom

      Are we talking purely about navigational search (e.g. [facebook]) or all search terms mentioning brand (e.g. [how to get more friends on facebook])? I remember Hitwise saying UK navigational search averaged 90% CTR for a brand's website or group of websites, so presume it's a "broad match" of branded search?Apr 30, 2009 11:13 am

    • Gregory Lyons

      Hi Kemley,

      We used approximately 20 data samples per industryApr 30, 2009 11:07 am

    • Kem

      How many companies have been sampled for each industry area?Apr 29, 2009 03:36 pm

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