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Oct. 13, 2010 | by Gregory Damas

No, this isn’t the brand new piece of software which will identify the closest place to eat the best Boeuf Bourguignon in town. It’s actually a rather easy blog title. However, not as easy as apps progression to invaded our everyday life; apps for Androids, apps for iPhones/iPads, apps to locate your train platform or apps to boil your eggs. You still own a Cretaceous Nokia 3310 and think you’ve never used an app? I presume you must be part of that 500 million users social network and once played that popular game about harvesting virtual crops and raising livestock… Well this game is…an app!

How do we know that apps aren’t hype ?

This can be done in 3 steps :

  1. By reading that Mobile apps will worth $17.5 bln by 2012
  2. By having a look at Google trends stats
  3. By finding out the first ever mobile application exhibition is taking place next month in London

According to GetJar, an independent mobile phone application store, 50 billion downloads will occur in 2012.  Nevertheless how can I ensure my app will be part of the that figure knowing that everyone is screaming for attention ?

How To Market Your Mobile Application

Although they may sound common sense, a couple of rules can be followed;

  • Uniqueness

Launch a totally new category of app or revolutionise what’s been currently done. If this isn’t the case why would users be downloading your app?

  • Ensure that users can use talk about your app

These days some apps allow you to directly share your (positive..) views without launching your Tweeter or Facebook app. The best instance would be the Angry Birds game, currently the #1 Paid App in the UK & US.

Obviously there are more rules to advertise for (almost) free…but there are also other ways to market but this time, involving cost.


If you read Connect from time to time you must be familiar with Paid Search. Pay-Per-Download in a way not that different. Have a look at Getjar site. Did you see the Sponsored links on the right side ? No they aren’t actually Sponsored links but Sponsored apps! As for PPC, you can target by country or by phone, set a maximum daily budget for each ad and obviously pay only when a download occurs. The main benefit ? Cut through the noise and receive the top exposure among millions of apps. Apparently even Google (a small company based in Mountain View) went from 60,000 downloads a week to nearly 200,000 using a combination of Pay-Per-Download and Fixed placement…)

What’s the future?

Imagine you’re watching the new Apprentice season. You want to know more information about the candidates. Unfortunately your phone can’t browse the Internet and your laptop is far, far away…in your room. However your brand new LED TV may allow you to find what you’re looking for through… an app. App enabled TVs are already sold but let’s be honest it’s still a bit clunky. Nevertheless Google TV will change the way we use them. Is it a coincidence that Google’s blue arrow was launched recently ? Wouldn’t it be an easier way to navigate through SERPS with a Google TV keyboard…?

If you’re allergic to apps, one piece advice for the future, stick to your old phone.

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    • Nuria

      Great post Greg!Oct 14, 2010 11:45 am

    • Robin

      Good article.  I agree a major problem with the ubiquity of apps these days is finding a way to get your app noticed against all those competing.  Marketplaces are only able to promote so many apps at a time and there are currently very few other channels that can help get your app noticed.  I think as the app market matures, we will see more companies investing in marketing their apps, which will no doubt lead to the likes of dedicated magazines and websites covering apps along with more print and web advertising campaigns attempting to push the latest and greatest apps.Oct 13, 2010 03:22 pm

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