5 advantages Instagram Video has over Vine

Jun. 21, 2013 | by Amanda.Peters

Today Facebook unveiled yet another new product, this time an update to its photo-sharing network Instagram. As many predicted, Instagram introduced short-form video uploads, known as “Video on Instagram.”

Vine Killer? I think yes. For both users and brands, Video on Instagram offers a stronger platform to create more engaging and desirable content, especially with the editing and filtering capabilities available through Video on Instagram.

So what does Video on Instagram have that Vine lacks?

  • Filters – Instagram introduced 13 new filters specifically for video. Who needs Final Cut when you’ve got Instagram?
  • Cinema – Most of us don’t carry around a tripod, which means handheld videos from our phones turn out shaky. But with the Instagram Cinema feature you can stabilize your shaky video with the click of a button. #Brilliant
  • Ability to Edit – Don’t like one of the clips in your Vine? Then you have to start over. But Instagram video provides users the option of just getting rid of a single segment they don’t like without having to redo the whole video.
  • 130 million users – While Vine has grown in popularity they only have 13 million users verses Instagram’s 130 million. We’ll likely see much faster and wider adoption of Instagram video than Vine.

The filtering and editing capabilities will up the ante for creating engaging content — for both brands and users. And 130 million users can expand a brand’s reach and visibility considerably as opposed to Vine’s 13 million users.

For marketers, the choice between the two video platforms should be determined by the quality of participation of the brand’s target on that platform and the cost/resources associated with developing each community.

If Twitter is a key channel for a certain brand, than an investment in Vine videos could still make sense as Vine videos play directly in-stream on Twitter, which helps drive more visibility. However, Instagram video certainly presents brands with more options to make their short-form videos look pro!

Amanda Peters is head of iCrossing’s U.S. social media practice, this post originally appeared on the Content Lab

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    • Will

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    • Will

      Although vine has been the new wave for a while, I do agree that Instagram is here to stay. Even though they are both owned by the same people. Whichever is your preference for watching videos of pet owners showing off their best dog collars is fine by me. They are really similar too.Aug 3, 2015 05:47 pm

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