Two Minute Summary: Google Analytics Real Time Data

Oct. 03, 2011 | by Chris Suarez

Last Thursday (29th Sept) the Google Analytics team launched the new real time service which allows users to view site traffic in real time.

Google Real Time Web Analytics

How can I view my Real Time Data?

Google are still rolling this out so for now you need to register your interest with Google to enable this feature for you. Once this has been enabled you will need to be using the latest version of Google Analytics. The real time reports can be found in the dashboard. Please note that this feature will not work on profiles which have been filtered.


What are the benefits?

Previously when launching a new product on your site you would make sure that you have done some of the following:

  • Optimise the product for search
  • PPC campaign
  • Facebook campaign
  • Blog post
  • Home page promo
  • Let the world know via twitter

Then you would have to wait 24 hours to see if your product launch was a success via Google analytics.

Now you can see what is happening in real time and further refine your campaign using live data to maximise your reach and target the right customers.

As long as your campaign has been correctly tagged up you can see what traffic is hitting your site as a direct result of the product launch. You may discover that the product launch is gaining more traction with users of a certain geographic location, allowing you to immediately inform the PPC team of this so they can create a localised PPC campaign to strike while the iron is hot.  Using real time search can also be a beneficial tool to monitor any potential viral campaigns such as videos or games. And, when used correctly, you can also proactively react and refine your other marketing channels.


Here’s a great article highlighting the pros and cons and current status of the Google Analytics Real Time reports.

What should I be doing now?
For more information please read the official post about Google Real Time Data from Google and don’t forget to register your interest with Google so that the Real Time feature can be enabled.


What else would be good to include in the future?
While it is not a current feature, we would like to see Google Analytics reporting on bounce rates in real time as this would enable us to also pick up on any usability issues with the site which may come about from a redesign or an update in the conversion funnel. Although not currently available we’ll keep an eye out for developments and let you know well in advance!

Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager should you require any further information as to how the Google Analytics developments affect you.

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