27% of traffic comes from a mobile device

Nov. 23, 2012 | by Gregory Lyons

New data released by IBM shows that mobile traffic to e-commerce sites now represents an average of 26.5% of all site traffic (up from 15.8% in 2011) and sales from a mobile device are now at 14.1% of total site traffic. Apple has led the charge here with 9.6% of traffic coming from an iPhone, 9.3% from an iPad and 7.3% coming from an Android device.

People are continuing to use mobile devices in greater numbers and are becoming more comfortable making purchases with their mobile device. However it is important to note that mobile devices are often not used in isolation and are usually the starting point on a longer consumer journey spanning multiple devices.

Research released by Google in partnership with Sterling Brands and Ipsos shows that smartphones are often used early on in the research phase of a purchase decision and then followed up on using a PC. This means that if you are using last click attribution (the most common type in analytics packages) you will likely not be accounting for sales that started on a smartphone but finished on a PC and therefore not seeing the true value that mobile devices are delivering.

The data also shows that direct sales from social sites such as Facebook and Twitter remain low (0.2%) as advertising on these channels is more effective at driving awareness rather then purchase clicks. It seems that people do not want to interrupt their socialising and start shopping, therefore the purchase is often delayed resulting in the social channel not being given credit.

To help address this issue Facebook has recently released its view tags product that allows advertisers to view sales that resulted from an ad impression rather than a click. Initial testing with one selected partner showed that 87% of conversions came from impressions rather than direct clicks, while another showed that 34.6% of conversions came from impressions.  This form of attribution helps Facebook claim credit for sales which it would otherwise not have been able to and would likely have been attributed to a direct or search channel.

Consumer journeys are becoming increasingly multi-channel, multi device processes that need to be viewed holistically if we are to really understand what is going on and how to most effectively target customers. The best marketers out there understand that people will have multiple touch points with their brand before making a purchase. 2013 will again be the year of the mobile as people visit sites using mobile devices in increasing numbers and the number of different devices they use also increases.  The 2012 holiday season promises to be an exciting one for digital marketing and it will be interesting to revisit these statistics in a month or two to see exactly the impact of mobile on holiday shopping.

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