2012 Mobile Market Share [Infographic]

Feb. 02, 2012 | by Gregory Lyons

As has become tradition in February we’ve taken a fresh look at the state of the mobile web and who are the main players with respects to Mobile Operating System (Mobile OS) market share. We looked at 15 countries from all corners of the globe to see what the predominant mobile platforms are in that country and how the situation has changed in the last year.

2011 has been a big year for Android, with the platform seeing massive growth in many countries, growing from 17% to 47% in Spain in the last year and from 6% to 45% in Peru. In the UK Android has grown by 10% which has mostly been at the expense of Nokia and BlackBerry which have fallen 2% and 7% respectively.

Of the 15 countries we looked at, BlackBerry only had a significant presence in two markets (USA & UK) and has lost a significant amount of market share in the USA dropping 26% in the last 12 months, with both Apple (iOS) and Android picking up the slack and growing 9% and 15% respectively.

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Android’s strongest market is currently South Korea where it commands an impressive 90% market share, perhaps not so surprising given that Android powered Samsung smart phones command such a strong presence in South Korea with the Galaxy S II by itself taking a whopping 25% of the entire smartphone market.  Nokia’s Symbian OS performs well in emerging markets such as India and Brazil, however even here it is losing market share, having lost 8% in Brazil and 6% in India in the last year.  Apple’s iPhone and other iOS devices are strongest in Australia where they currently command 73% of the market.

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