10 Things We’d Do With Microhoo

Jul. 30, 2009 | by Jonathan Stewart

So with the BIG announcement yesterday of the deal between Yahoo and Microsoft (henceforth Microhoo), we’ve done a quick straw-poll at iCrossing HQ to find out what our team of experts would do if they were in charge of mashing both engines together:

  • Improve SiteExplorer functionality with Bing data (helps get the SEO community onside), and certainly don’t get rid of it!
  • Create an online OS to rival Google Chrome – quickly
  • iframe Google SERP results and display Microhoo advertising
  • Implement this ASAP (video search speech recognition)
  • Integrate Flickr within Bing image search
  • Integrate Yahoo answers into Microhoo results for queries structured as questions, maybe only where a best answer has been chosen or voted for in Yahoo Answers.
  • Get a butler – everyone good search engine needs a butler ;)
  • Sell it and retire
  • Somehow incorporate Yahoo Pipes within Microhoo SERPs
  • Get a public spokesman for Bing, a la Matt Cutts

What would you do, or like to see?

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    • Douglas Platts - Digital Fingerprint » Fresh From Twitter today

      [...] Things We’d Do With Microhoo http://bit.ly/1r21nS & Top 10 Things the Microsoft/Yahoo! Deal Changes for SEO http://bit.ly/5fzGH Written by [...]Jul 30, 2009 11:01 pm

    • Leon

      The spokesperson must be named Bingo. B-I-N-G-O.Jul 30, 2009 01:39 pm

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